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Houthis commit 668 violations since UN truce on Hudaida reached


The Iran-backed Houthis militias committed 688 violations since the UN-sponsored truce on Hudaida, was agreed on last month in the wake of a weak-long talks in Sweden over ceasefire and allowing the food supply into Yemen, the coordination committee at the advanced operations center in Hudaida said on Monday.

The violations took place between December 18 to January 19.

In report, the committee, affiliated to the Yemeni government, said the violations by the Houthis resulted in killing 48 citizens and injury of 362 others.

These violations are taking place using several kinds of weapons, targeting houses of the civilians and military cites, the report said quoting military source.


The Houthis also continues to reinforce their sites through planting landmines and digging trenches at the main entrances.

The militias, according to the report, seek provoking the army troops as well as the Arab coalition to make the Stockholm agreement fail.

The source urged the UN to take serious measures to pressure the militias to stop their violations and stick to the agreement.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 22 January 2019 11:10 AM