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New Iraqi Justice Ministry candidate affirms political independence


The recently announced candidate for the Ministry of Justice, al-Qadi Arkan Qadir, said that he does not belong to any political party and that he continues to serve as an independent figure in the Kirkuk Court of Cassation (Al-Tamyeez).

Qadir revealed that his candidacy for the post came at the request of Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi, adding that he is waiting to be granted confidence from the Iraqi parliament.

Abd al-Mahdi sent a document to the parliament speaker on Monday containing the names of new candidates for the two ministries of justice and education.

According to the document, Abd al-Mahdi nominated Qadir for the justice ministry and Safana al-Hamadani for the education ministry.

Addressing Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi, Abd al-Mahdi said in the document, "There is no doubt that the completion of the government's formation was delayed. [We] are aware that the reason for this is the hard circumstances witnessed by the country, and the political parties' desire to reach for the best candidates, according to their assessments, which we fully respect."

He added, according to the document, that he will send names for defense and interior ministries' candidates "within a short time, after exerting efforts to make sure [they] would have the required support from the Parliament."

Most of the political powers have expressed rejecting Abd al-Mahdi's formal nominee Asmaa al-Chaldani for the post of the Minister of Justice in the new government, according to sources in October.

The political powers object Chaldani's appointment in such important post, due to her little expertise, which may not allow her, to take such critical decisions related to the ministry, including handing death penalties, the sources added.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 22 January 2019 01:00 AM