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Netanyahu: Those Who Threaten To Destroy Us Will Bear Full Responsibility


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on Monday afternoon at the opening of the Ilan and Asaf Ramon Airport, referring to Syria in a statement that anyone who "threatens to destroy us will bear full responsibility," the Jerusalem Post reported on Monday

Netanyahu said the airstrikes on Syria on Monday had mainly targeted military positions set up by Iran, which he warned would face consequences for threatening to destroy Israel.

"We are operating both against Iran and against the Syrian forces that are abetting the Iranian aggression," Netanyahu said in a speech. "We will strike at anyone who tried to harm us. Whoever threatens to eliminate us will bear full responsibility."

Netanyahu was referring to the Israeli fighter jets which struck Iranian and Syrian military targets, air defense batteries and Quds Forces positions throughout Syria in the predawn hours of Monday. The attacks came in response to the firing of a surface-to-surface missile fired by Iranian forces a day earlier toward Israel’s Golan Heights.


The airstrikes were reportedly carried out in three waves and targeted military targets belonging to Iran's Quds Force in Syria, including weapons storage sites, a site at Damascus International Airport, an Iranian intelligence site and an Iranian training camp.