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Iran generals deny thousands of Israeli attacks on militias in Syria

Iranian experts have slammed denying thousands of Israeli strikes against the troops of the Mullahs in Syria, without responding or even attempting to confront them.

They said the Iranian regime’s silence and denial of these strikes confirm the fear of the scandal and the growing demands of the Iranian troops withdrawal from Damascus after the heavy losses and suspension of pumping money to the Iran-backed militias.

Iran International website, which is specialized in the Iranian affairs, posted an article by Hossein Arian, entitled “Numerous Israeli Attacks on Iranian Targets in Syria; Silence of the Generals”, where he referred to the serious attempts by the Iranian and Syrian regimes to not publish about the Israel strikes on the Syrian lands.

Thousands of Israel strikes

Arian said that the Israeli army “issued the order for these attacks in January 2018 and the air force has dropped around 2000 bombs, only in 2018, on Iranian forces in Syria.”

The article referred that the Israeli, except for few of them, didn’t confirm or deny the attacks attributed to Israel. Thus, most of the Israeli media covered these attacks, as per foreign media outlets and sources.

He also indicated that the mystery used by Israel to cover the attacks is intended by Israeli policy. “Previously, especially after Israel’s attack against Syria’s nuclear center in 2007, many experts assessed that Israel did not want to reveal the attack or take responsibility for it. Israelis appeared to believe that without conceding to the attack, Assad’s regime would pretend that nothing had happened in a face-saving gesture, and thus a retaliation would not be necessary.”

He goes on adding that “This approach would satisfy Israel’s goals enough. Therefore, Israelis applied the same tactics to other attacks, for example on Hezbollah’s ‘weapon caravans’ or Iranian bases and troops in Syria. More importantly, the constant engagement of Iranian troops in fighting anti-Assad forces gave Israel the opportunity to conduct its efficient attacks without being involved in the exhausting Syrian civil war.”

According to the article, General Gadi Eizenkot, Commander-in-Chief of the Israel Defense Forces, said the Israeli army attacked many times the Iranian forces in Syria as well as the militias and troops allied with Iran. “The confirmation of the operations and regular attacks on Iranian troops and their proxy militias is believed to be linked with the upcoming election campaign in Israel and the withdrawal of the Americans from Syria. Israeli officials seem to understand the dire consequences of this withdrawal for their national security.”

However, admitting these attacks could be used to practice more pressure on Iran, in consensus with US and the recent visit by Mike Pompeo to the Middle East.

“In disclosing these attacks, the Israelis intend to show that Iranian leaders, IRGC generals, and Quds force commanders have been unable to do anything in response to these attacks despite their daily threats against Israel. This contradiction between what Iranians shout in public and what they really do is very damaging to their image for their base inside Iran and for their fans in the region,” the article said.

Regarding the Russian stance toward the Israeli attacks against the Iranian troops in Syria, Arian said these strikes, “Meanwhile, these attacks against Iranians, whether thousand times or hundred times, have definitely not been unnoticed by Russians. While they have had cold relations with Israelis since their aircraft was shot down, Russians have allowed the Israelis to keep on targeting Iranians.”

The article also adds that “Although Russians agree with Iranians on some issues about Syria, they want Iranians to leave Syria altogether and they are in line with Israel in this respect.”

Arian concluded saying “Four decades of Russian diplomacy towards the Islamic Republic indicates that Russians play the Iran card anywhere necessary to pursue their strategic and national interest at the expense of Iran.”

According to observers, the nature of Iranian engagement in Syria is disclosed by the victims of the Al-Quds brigade personnel coming back from Syria every day. It’s also disclosed by the Iranian economy, which suffers frequent crisis due to the spending on the Syrian war.

Responding to this article, experts noted that the inability of the Iranian regime to respond to the Israeli attacks asserts that its slogans of confronting Tel Aviv are just nonsense. It also shows it does not care about the militias or any groups. It does not mind if Israel or the US killed them.
Last Modified: Monday، 21 January 2019 04:23 PM