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MPs say Iraq began to restore stature among Arab, int'l regions

MP Burhanul-Din Ishaq

MP Burhanul-Din Ishaq, representing the Babylon Bloc, has said Iraq is beginning to restore its stature among the Arab and international communities, urging the necessity of staying away from regional and international conflicts.

"The visits by ministers and presidents to Baghdad pour into the interest of Iraq," he said, adding that this is an evidence that Iraq is bringing back its stance once again. He also indicated that the diplomatic efforts of the government is based on the policy of integrity in the Arab and international issues. 

Meanwhile, MP Intisar al-Ghuraibawi, of the National Alliance, said Iraq should take advantage of these visits through developing its services and economy. She also highlighted the importance of expanding international relations with all countries.

The visits of some presidents and ministers to Iraq, according to Ghuraibawi, is considered positive as it ends what Iraq has been through over the past decades, especially that the visiting delegations have joint interests on economic, political and military levels with Iraq.

She also stressed that Iraq needs to be strong and unbiased at international events toward the Arab and international issues.

Last Modified: Monday، 21 January 2019 12:17 PM