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No intentions to ban PUBG in Iraq: Minister

Iraqi Minister of Telecommunications Naeem Thjeel Al-Rubaie has denied news regarding about blocking PUBG Mobile in Iraq.

“At the meantime, we have no intentions to ban the game in Iraq,” Rubaie said in a brief statement. “News claiming otherwise are false.”

An Islamic religious authority in Iraq has issued a fatwa against the online multiplayer game as it was significantly deemed a “dramatic waste of time.”

PUBG, which became a sensation in the video game community over the past few months, became extremely popular among youths in the Middle East, and especially Iraq.

PUBG, or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, is an online multiplayer game wherein 100 unarmed players are dropped on to an abandoned island full of equipment ranging from frying pans to heavy machine guns. The last player standing win the game.

Speaking on the fatwa, the head of the fatwa committee, Irfan Rasheed, said that Islamic leaders had decided to declare playing PUBG as 'haram' (religiously prohibited) because it had "caused a considerable number of people to be obsessed with it and waste their time".
Last Modified: Sunday، 20 January 2019 11:49 AM