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Iraq's Arab tribes call for US forces to establish bases, counter IMIS

The spokesman for the Arab tribes in the disputed areas, Sheikh Muzahim al-Hewitt, confirmed on Saturday that the US forces have been approached to establish bases in the disputed areas.

"The Arab tribes demanded and informed the American side of the need to establish US bases in all disputed areas, specifically near the Syrian-Iraqi border, to maintain the security of the areas of operations carried out by ISIS and the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) in those areas against innocent civilians," Hewitt said.

"We have already informed the American side of all information obtained in those areas and the violations carried out by the IMIS," he added, noting that "the people of these areas are afraid of terrorist operations against them."

"The tribes refuse to enact the law that is due to be issued by parliament against the presence of US forces in Iraq," he said, describing the decision as "the result of Iranian pressure to remove US forces from Iraq.”

He pointed out that "Sunnis are the first to welcome the deployment of American forces in their areas, after the injustice, displacement, killing, looting, abductions and extortion against them by the factions of the IMIS and ISIS."