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Iraqi lawmakers bend to Iran, plan to expel foreign troops from Iraq

Iraqi parliament

Amid fears of the return of ISIS to Iraq as terroristic explosions are still ongoing in many Iraqi provinces, al-Binna'a Coalition MP Mansour Al-Baiji revealed that the law to expel foreign troops from Iraqi territory will be finalized soon.


The US troops have been present in Iraq to help Iraqi security authorities secure provinces from ISIS and terror militias' attacks.

Baiji asserted in a press statement that most of political blocs will vote on this law to protect the sovereignty of Iraq.

The law will include evacuating all military bases belonging to foreign troops in Iraq, he said, adding that the law was drafted by military experts and commanders.

How it started

Ali al-Sunaid, a leader of Haider al-Abadi's Al-Nasr Alliance, said that Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi wants to remove foreign troops from the country.

"Abd al-Mahdi will abide by security agreements with all countries according to the security requirements of the country, and will work to remove all foreign troops from Iraqi territories, after completing the formation of the cabinet," Sunaid said in a press statement.

He added that one of the priorities of Abd al-Mahdi is to maintain the sovereignty of the country and not to allow foreign control of the security situation, and put a timetable for the expulsion of those forces, adding that the [local] security forces are capable of maintaining security and protecting the borders of the country.

Pretext on table

Just one day after Christmas, Trump and his wife Melania arrived in Baghdad to visit the US troops serving in the region, which is his first such visit since taking office in January 2017. The visit has angered many Shiite parties who are believed to be loyal to Iran, considering the visit as "violating diplomatic norms."

Subsequently, head of the Shiite Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq Qais al-Khazali voiced condemnation of the visit, threatening to expel the US troops from Iraq either by law or by another method.

"The response of the Iraqis will be [translated to a] decision of the Parliament to remove your military forces in spite of you and if you do not come out, we have the experience and the ability to remove them in another way known by your forces who were humiliated and forced to get out in 2011," Khazali stated.

Plan on track

Earlier in January, Sadiqun movement's MP Ahmed Kanani affirmed the importance of speeding up efforts to issue the legislation to expel the foreign troops from Iraq.

"These forces will stay longer inside the country, which poses a lot of questions and doubts," Kanani said.

The Parliament's security and defense committee said that the plan to remove the US combat troops from the country does not include a timetable.

Last Modified: Saturday، 19 January 2019 12:45 AM