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Hakim urges Arab countries to commit to Iraq's Reconstruction bids

Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohamed Ali al-Hakim called on Arab countries to commit to their bids offered during the Kuwait International Conference for Reconstruction of Iraq last year.

During the Arab Economic and Social Development summit in Beirut, Hakim urged the Arab countries and the international community to provide the required fund to implement projects related to developing Palestine's Eastern Jerusalem and prevent Israel from changing the demographics of the holy city.

In this regard, Hakim affirmed Iraq's support to the Palestinians' right in establishing their independent state, urging the international community to intensify efforts and provide assistance to resolve the humanitarian situation in the Palestinian territory.

He also stressed the importance of achieving cooperation between Arab countries in foreign trade. He also affirmed the importance of financing sustainable development projects in countries suffering wars and crises.
Last Modified: Friday، 18 January 2019 10:03 PM