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Iran cries for help, Soleimani leads negotiations with Washington to ease sanctions

Khamenei  deceives Iranians…"There will not be war with U.S."
US President Donald Trump (L) Khamenei (R)

As a result of the escalating sanctions imposed by Washington on the Iranian regime, the Mullah and his loyal soldier Qaesm Soleimani are looking for a breakthrough to their troubled economy, by begging Trump's administration for halving the economic sanctions, an insider source in Washington told The Baghdad Post on Wednesday.


"The Iranian regime is seeking to lift half of the sanctions, making a bid to withdraw its militias from Iraq and Syria," the source said, speaking under anonymity condition.


Worthy to mention that Iran has made the same promises before, to previous US administrations, which led to the Nuclear Deal with Obama and the EU in 2015, but 4 years later, politicians and leaders figured out that Iran is just bluffing to lift the sanctions, that choke its ability to fund its militias.


President Trump has annulled the Nuclear Deal past November, the EU followed him after revealing the assassinations orchestrated by the Iranian intelligence.