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PM urges militias to leaver Iraq to avoid confrontations

Adil Abdul Mahdi

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has said Washington is serious about its threats against the militias in Iraq, adding the US administration will not allow the existence of any armed groups, even the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS), sources said.

During a meeting with the heads of the militias, Abdul-Mahdi attempted convincing them to leave Iraq to avoid huge confrontations that could destroy the remaining of Iraq.

The Shiite militias, backed by Iran, often threaten targeting the US forces in Iraq. They argue that there is no need for the existence of US security troops in Iraq, especially that the war with ISIS is now over.

Visits by Iranian officials to Baghdad have been common since the US administration imposed more sanctions on Iran in November due to its suspicious activities in the region. Since then, Iran intensified its political actions in an attempt to break the government’s official commitment to the sanctions imposed.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 16 January 2019 02:29 PM