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No timeline set for ending dispute on security ministers: Par’l deputy speaker

FILE: Iraq's second Parliament deputy speaker Bashir Haddad

Bashir Haddad, Iraq's second Parliament deputy speaker has revealed an agreement regarding Kurdistan’s share in the state budget for 2019.


Moreover, Haddad said the dispute over the ministries of defense and interior affairs will not be settled soon.


“I don’t believe the issue of defense and interior ministries will be settled soon," Haddad said. "No timeline can be set,” Haddad added.


"Most probably, acting ministers will take charge of the two ministries until an agreement is reached on the candidates. This could last until the end of the government’s term. We have no choices other than consensus on the candidates.”

He indicated that not accepting the candidates will delay settling the issue, which weakens the parliament’s role in monitoring the government’s performance.

Haddad, who is a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK), noted that “the biggest challenges against Abdul-Mahdi’s cabinet is the cabinet formation, terrorism, political and financial crisis, reducing oil prices, services, the refugees, US sanctions on Iran and others.”

Regarding the 2019 state budget, Haddad said it was set by the former government, which means it does not include the vision of the current government.


“Due to the tight time, a joint committee of the current government and the parliament was formed to prepare and revise the budget. Only five out of 48 points, noted by the committee, were amended.

“The main dispute regarding the budget is the austerity due to the reduced oil prices. We wished it to be more flexible, but it is not different from the past years,” he added.

Haddad also criticized the “absence of a clear vision by the government regarding compensations for people who got displaced and negatively affected in the provinces liberated from ISIS, in addition to Kurdistan’s share in the budget."

He urged the government to “find other sources without depending on the oil, as its price fluctuates.”

Last Modified: Saturday، 12 January 2019 12:58 PM