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Shiite Mousawi sues Christian Babylon, requests $5B compensation: Louis

Shiite Endowment head Alaa al-Mousawi
Shiite Endowment head Alaa al-Mousawi issued a lawsuit against Christian Kataeb Babylon requesting for five billion Iraqi dinars compensation, Babylon's Dhafir Louis said.

Mousawi's lawsuit was issued after Babylon requested holding accountable the former for his statements that humiliated Christians, according to Louis. Babylon's official said that he did not expect the Shiite leader to seek money from the movement despite his offensive statement.

During this Christmas, many religious platforms were used to abuse Christians, Louis said, adding that Babylon representatives headed to the Marja' asking to hold accountable those who disobeyed the fatwa of the Marja' and incited strife, including Mousawi.

He added that Christian families have also filed a lawsuit against Mousaowi in order for the latter to be judged by the Iraqi law.

Pointing out that despite the audacity of the statement, we did not expect that the head of the Shiite Waqf need funds to claim five billion dinars as compensation, nor to be impudent to claim to us, and he initiated abuse according to the statement.
Last Modified: Saturday، 12 January 2019 01:06 AM