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How Iran plans infiltrating Iraq through alleged “reconstruction” funds

Iran-backed militias in Iraq

Ever since the disastrous decision of former US President Barack Obama to pull out US troops from Iraq in 2011, Iran tried to dominate the oil-rich country, by spreading terrorism represented in (ISIS), deploying its militias (IMIS), or having its allies on top of Iraqi authorities.

Recently, Iran, represented in its ally Qatar, came up with a new way to infiltrate Iraq which is “reconstruction,” which is, unfortunately, has a found it resonated at the country that had been striving for making up the damage left by 3-year war against ISIS terrorism.

The anti-ISIS war left Iraq torn, with thousands of collapsed houses and dead bodies under the rubbles across the nation, with promises from UN and other friendly countries to contribute in reconstruction process, but in vain.

That was Iran and Qatar’s cue to permeate Iraq’s sovereignty through reconstruction funds, which are actually go to the militias pockets, not to the Iraqi people, especially after the historic decision of President Donald Trump to withdraw from the flawed nuclear deal signed by his predecessor and re-imposing the sanctions against the Mullah Regime, which limited its terrorist activities.

After Trump’s decision, Iran found itself unable to transfer funds to its militias in the region, that’s made it resort to its Trojan ally, Qatar, which took over the funding of the terrorism that plagued Arab countries.

Qatar has fooled the world by making up the ransom incident to release its royal family members, who were allegedly abducted in Iraq in 2015, where it paid $1 billion to militias and terrorists in Iraq and Syria. The incident that made the west and Arab countries to isolate Qatar in the region and limit its abilities to fund terrorism.



Afterwards, the world had paid attention to the proxy game played by Qatar, imposing more restrictions on the tiny state, which prompted Iran to come up with a new Trojan to infiltrate Iraq, by reconstruction funds that will find its way the pockets to ISIS and IMIS.

On the other hand, Iraqi leaders seems to be unaware of such games, turning a blind eye to the real intents behind the money given to the ‘Iraqi people.’

On Jan. 10, President Barham Salih paid a visit to Doha, where he met with its Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, cracking the Arab front in the face of Qatar’s terrorism. He ignored the Arab blockade on the Iran-backed Emir, and God knows what they agreed on during this suspicious meeting.




Can US reconstruction funds to Iraq go to terror groups?

Many Iraqi observers thought that the reconstruction plan proposed by Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during the latter's visit to Iraq is just a malicious plan to use the US money in other evil fields.

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