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Can US reconstruction funds to Iraq go to terror groups?

Many Iraqi observers thought that the reconstruction plan proposed by Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during the latter's visit to Iraq is just a malicious plan to use the US money in other evil fields.

Halbousi told Pompeo earlier that the only solution to re-impose security, especially in the Sunni areas, and to combat ISIS is to give the Iraqi government the reconstruction funds. He also demanded that American and international companies invest in Iraq.

Observers said that this deceptive plan will not be able this time to fool the Sunni Iraqis. They stressed that Halbousi and the Iranian government want to obtain the reconstruction funds to allocate them, according to the Qatari-Iranian plan, to ISIS and the White Flags group.

Securing Sunni areas simply needs to increase the number of US troops in these areas and the involvement of NATO and the Arab coalition in the operations of maintaining security inside Iraq up to the borders with Kurdistan, the observers added.

Restoring security and stability in Iraq can be achieved by working to build a new administrative area for Sunni Iraqis and forming an international committee to receive the reconstruction funds, observers said, adding that the committee should not hand the funds to any Iraqi official.

They added that all Iraqi officials now follow the Iranian-Qatari axis.


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Iraq’s Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi in Baghdad on Wednesday.

During his meeting with Pompeo, Halbousi stressed Iraq's keenness to proceed with the stage of reconstruction after the elimination of ISIS, according to a statement from Halbousi's office.

Halbousi affirmed Iraq's need for the support of the international community and the Arab region in the reconstruction efforts in Iraq, the statement said, adding that Iraq fought the war against terrorism on behalf of the whole world.

He also praised the support of the US-led global coalition fighting ISIS to Iraq in its war against terrorism, as well as its pursuit of ISIS remnants in the country.

Halbousi called on large international companies to activate their presence in Iraq and expand their investment activities. He also highlighted the need to end unemployment and provide services in the country to prevent the revival of ISIS.

The Parliament Speaker also pointed out that Iraq is keen to be a meeting point between countries and to have open relations with its neighboring countries and the region within the principle of respect for sovereignty and mutual interests.

Last Modified: Friday، 11 January 2019 12:23 AM