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Parl't unable to pass budget on Thursday due to disputes: MP

MP Abbas Sarwat said on Thursday that the parliament would not likely be able to pass the 2019 budget in Thursday's parliamentary session due to continuous disputes on it.

Many topics in the law of the general budget for 2019 still need to be discussed, Sarwat said, ruling out passing the law in Thursday's session.

Disputes on the budget include demands to allocate 17 percent of the budget to the Kurds instead of only 12 percent, Sarwat said, adding that setting the price of the oil barrel is one of the main disputes.

Parliamentary Finance Committee member Ahmed Rashid earlier said that estimating the price of oil at $56 per barrel in the 2019 budget was incorrect and forced the government to resort to foreign loans.

Iraq now sells the barrel for $43, said Rashid, adding that this caused a deficit of $18 billion in the new year's budget.

The parliament was set to dedicate last Tuesday's session for the second reading of the draft federal budget. However, quorum was incomplete during the session.

Binna'a Coalition MP Fadel Jaber on Tuesday described the incomplete quorum of the session as "the big setback" of the parliament.

The parliament leadership will take its punitive measures against those MPs absent and will hand their names to the media, Jaber said.

The meeting was supposed to be held to discuss the budget, as the delay of issuing the budget has significantly affected the economic situation of citizens, Jaber added.


Last Modified: Thursday، 10 January 2019 11:19 PM