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Kirkuk provincial council denounces removing Kurdistan flag

The main Kurdish parties, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) will hold a decisive meeting to agree on a candidate for the presidency post

Rebwar Talabani, head of Kirkuk provincial council, has expressed astonishment at preventing Kurdistan flag from being raised in Kirkuk, where Iran’s flag and photos of Imam Khomeini spread across the streets of the disputed city.

In remarks, Talabani said “most of the flags in the streets of the city do not represent Iraq or Iraqis, while the Kurdish flag, recognized by the federal government, which was approved by the Iraqi constitution, is being banned.”

Talabani went on saying “in the past, we were told that Kurdistan flag should not be raised on the governmental buildings, but as time passed, they put more pressure saying it should not be raised even on top of the parties’ offices. This kind of violation against the Kurds’ rights in the city is not allowed.”

Talabani slammed the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) for raising the flag in Kirkuk in the night, saying it should have done so in the daytime in public as this is not unconstitutional or illegal.

Regarding the situation of the Kurds in Kirkuk, Talabani said “the Kurds do not have any powers in Kirkuk. There are traditional practices made against the innocent without being stated by the law.”

On Wednesday, a security source said troops of the Counter-Terrorism Service and IMIS removed the Kurdistan flag off the offices of Kurdish parties in Kirkuk.

Rakan al-Jabouri, the acting government of Kirkuk, made instructions of removing the flag, urging officials to remove the flag to preserve the security.

He also urged the government to “dispatch military deployments from the Iraqi army to Kirkuk.”

A local source from the province said on Tuesday that PUK raised the Kurdistan flag on its offices in Kirkuk.

Last Modified: Thursday، 10 January 2019 03:02 PM