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Jordan demands Iraq to pay $1B debt

Jordan's Finance Ministry demanded Iraq to pay back a $1-billion debt on Wednesday, while the Iraqi parliament's financial committee asked Jordan to return more than $3 billion deposited at Jordan's Central Bank since Saddam's reign.

A Gulf newspaper quoted an official from the Jordanian ministry as saying that “the financial issue between Iraq and Jordan is still unsettled.”

Meanwhile, Hoshyar Abdullah, rapporteur of the Iraqi parliament’s financial committee, told the newspaper that “the available information indicates that Jordan owes Iraq between $3-5 billion, since Saddam Hussein’s reign.”

"It’s time to discuss the financial dispute between Iraq and Jordan,"Abdullah said, pointing out that there is no serious action from Baghdad towards the Jordan's debts. "At the same time, Iraq has debts for Jordan too,” he added.

Iraq has deep ties with Jordan on many levels. Both are linked together through Tarbil Border Crossing, which is vital for the bilateral economic relations and trade between the two brotherly countries.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 09 January 2019 08:39 PM