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2018 marks critical year for Iranian resistance: US thinker

2018 was a momentous year for Iran, and specifically the Iranian Resistance or the People’s Mujahadeen of Iran (PMOI), Todd Wood, a US thinker wrote in the Washington Times.


The PMOI has taken full advantage of the reversal and has stirred a vast uprising across the Iranian countryside, with more than 1,000 resistance units participating in all cities. The regime has counteracted with terrible repression, but the PMOI/MEK persists in its efforts to bring democracy and tolerant Islam to Iran.

Amnesty International finally released a long-awaited report on the mass murder the regime committed against the movement where thousands of political prisoners were executed in a short period of time, outdoing Hitler’s killers in efficiency. While Amnesty International says more than 5,000 were killed, the actual number, according to other credible sources, is closer to 30,000 victims. Still, this was only a fraction of the more than 120,000 murders the regime has committed against the movement since its inception.

The report is titled “Blood-Soaked Secrets: Why Iran’s 1988 Prison Massacres are Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity.”

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