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US troops carry out operation west of Anbar to secure deployed personnel

US troops to withdraw from Syrian base near Iraq, Jordan

US troops have carried out a military operation in the western desert in order to secure regions of deployment, a security source from Anbar province said.

In remarks, the source said “US forces, backed by fighter jets, attacked some regions in the desert of Rutba, west of Anbar, in a step to secure all the regions, where the troops are deployed near the border region with Syria.

The troops, according to the source, “went deep in Rutba desert, accompanied by Iraqi security forces.” They destroyed a fuel container and a weapon stash.

On Saturday, a source at the Iraqi military intelligence said thatUS forces set up a new military base in western Anbar.

In December, US President Donald Trump announced his decision to withdraw his troops from Syria, following a visit he paid a visit to the troops serving in Iraq's Ain al-Assad base, where he denied his intention to pull out the troops from Iraq.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 08 January 2019 01:43 PM