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Security troops detain activists, release them upon officials intervention

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Security troops have detained a number of activists after they staged an open-ended sit-in near Basra’s administration building, a governmental source from the province said on Monday.

They were released upon intervention from officials of the local government.

“Number of activists staged an open-ended sit-in near the province’s administration building to voice demands for job opportunities and reform,” the source said in remarks. “After staying there for few hours, police troops arrived and arrested around nine or ten of them.”

Troops, according to the source, “released the activists after taking pledges from them.” Officials from the local government contacted the troops and urged them to facilitate the measures of releasing them.

Demonstrations have been staged in the oil-rich Basra over the past few months due to poor public services and corruption.

According to some Iraqis officials, Iran pumped contaminated water towards Iraqi territories, which triggered angry Iraqi protesters to set the Iranian consulate in Basra on fire. As the situation developed, security forces interfered leaving many protests killed and injured, while some were arrested.

Last Modified: Monday، 07 January 2019 12:12 PM