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Baghdad is Iran's next battlefield

Observers: Iran to set Iraq ablaze in light of incoming uprising

Observers have rejected the terror actions carried out by Tehran in Iraq, saying the Mullahs are rallying their troops, especially the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) to attack the US troops and set Iraq on fire after putting Baghdad on the top of a US volcano.


Recent reports pointed out that Iran is recruiting PMFs in Mosul and Kirkuk to attack the US troops, describing such action as "complete insanity and violation of all the red lines."

Iranian insanity

Observers further noted that the next step for Iran now is to distract attention away from the local scene in Iran, where tens of demonstrations are being prepared for an incoming uprising.

According to observers, Iran has been seeking to ignite the Iraqi front, regardless of the country's national security.

Muzahim al-Huweit, the spokesperson of the Arab tribes in the disputed regions, revealed that PMFs began forming armed groups to target the US troops based in west of Iraq.

PMFs personnel

The recent visit by US President Donald Trump to Ain al-Assad base in Iraq stirred anger among political forces close to Iran, urging it to rally against the US military presence in Iraq.

More than 5,000 US personnel are based in the base, located near Iraqi-Syrian borders.

Several Shiite forces now consider the US as the biggest threat facing them.

People of Mosul and Kirkuk

Huweit also warned against taking advantage of the people of Mosul and Kirkuk by the 30th brigade in Nineveh and al-Nujabaa movement in Kirkuk through operations that target the US troops in the wake of threats carried out by some factions that are affiliated with PMFs, that record names of people from the two provinces to strike the US troops.

“We, as Arab tribes, informed the US side with the operations carried out by the PMFs-Affiliated factions, backed by Iran to strike the US forces in Iraq. Such operations are called the national revolution against the US presence in Iraq in the wake of Trump’s visit to Ain al-Assad in Anbar,” he added.

“The names of people from the provinces were recorded and included within the militias. Financial sums were officially given to them. We, as tribes, warn against using people of Mosul and Kirkuk in operations against the US forces in Iraq in a way to ignite the sectarian strife,” he said. “We have fears of expanding the names registration to reach to other provinces included within Iranian agendas that seek turning the war against US in Iraq.”

The White House had referred that the US military presence is about limiting the Iranian influence as much as it is for fighting Islamic State.

As the battle against a common enemy goes on, each of Washington and Tehran look to each other cautiously in the region, which boosts the risks of further violence.

The sectarian PMFs have now become officially part of the Iraqi security forces.
The factions, including those backed by Iran and fighting in Syria, have spread around the city of Qaim, at which ISIS were defeated in November 2017, which was the last retaken stronghold in that year.

The observers considered the Iranian step as a serious one and will ignite Iraq and get it at stake against US. However, on the other side, they found that the actions by PMFs will urge Washington to end these hostile factions.

Last Modified: Monday، 07 January 2019 12:10 PM