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Absence of largest bloc to form gov't complicates situation: Binna'a MP

Binna'a Coalition MP Zahra al-Bajari, on Sunday, said that talks are still ongoing on the vacant ministries of Adil Abdul Mahdi's government, but until now no clear agreements were clearly announced.

She said that it seems that there are some people who want to repeat the previous scenarios and by appointing acting ministers for the remaining ministries.

"Until now, no new candidates for the remaining ministries have been introduced as a result of the failure of the blocs to reach a final solution or consensus on specific names," Bajari stated.

The current complicated situation is "the inevitable result of the absence of a largest bloc that is responsible for forming the government, while opposed with a reformative opposition," she added

Bajari claimed that Binna'a is the largest bloc in terms of number. However, the failure of many members to show up in previous sessions enabled the other side to break the quorum in those sessions.
Last Modified: Monday، 07 January 2019 12:14 AM