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Parliament Speaker says keen on keeping army away of politicization


The Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi has offered congratulations to the Iraqi army on its 98th anniversary.

In a message to the Iraqi army, Halbousi said on Sunday, “Today we commemorate the occasion that is dear to our hearts, celebrating the 98th anniversary and taking pride of your high professionalism, great sacrifices, unique braveness and staying up to defend the country and its unity.”

He went on adding “you achieved a historic victory along with your mates. You fought on behalf of the people. You defeated ISIS and purified your land. You offered a unique model of sacrifice and courage while fulfilling your duties at high professionalism, which is out of your military doctrine that protects the Iraqi sovereignty and people, preserves the state institutions and defend the unity.”

Halbousi expressed support toward the army and its independence to stay away from all kinds of politicization and affiliations. He also confirmed working along with the government to keep the army strong and will support striking agreements that pours into the interest of fostering its capabilities.

“We will support the rights of the wounded and families of the victims until they are achieved. We will seek through the parliament issuing laws that fulfill demands of the security personnel in a way that preserves their rights,” he said.

Last Modified: Sunday، 06 January 2019 03:00 PM