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Abadi says Iraqi army should only be loyal to Iraq

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi has congratulated the army for its 98th anniversary, saying its loyalty should be for Iraq only.

In a statement by Abadi’s media office on Sunday, Abadi offered congratulations to the heroes of the army, saying the anniversary comes while Iraq and its citizens are living in safety and stability, thanks to the sacrifices by the armed forces that liberated the people and the land.

Abadi also praised the army saying that it achieved what the world considered was impossible and describing this as a miracle.

He further noted that the battles against Islamic State are now being taught around the world.

“You heroes of the Iraqi army, you sacrificed, fought and defended all the Iraqis. You should be for all the Iraqis. The army should stay away from affiliations that and be loyal for Iraq only,” he said.

Last Modified: Sunday، 06 January 2019 10:58 AM