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Foreign Ministry denies acknowledging Israel's existence

Denying recent reports saying that Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohamed al-Hakim acknowledged Israel's existence, the ministry immediately issued a statement affirming Iraq's fixed stance toward the Palestinian cause.

"Statements and news reports circulated by the media and social networking platforms on the foreign minister's statement on Iraq's stance toward the Palestinian issue and the two-state solution were recently issued. In this regard, we would like to show that what has been transmitted is [contradicting] reality and is totally devoid of any truth," the statement read.

The ministry affirmed the country's fixed stance of the Palestinian cause, which "is based on the Arab Peace Initiative in 2002, which was reiterated in the Arab League Summit 2012 in Baghdad (the Baghdad declaration)."

Iraq's stance is based on "the continuous support to restore the Palestinian territories usurped by the Zionist entity, and also the support of Palestinian authority's efforts at international conferences and forums in Geneva and New York," the statement added.
Last Modified: Friday، 04 January 2019 08:31 PM