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Liquid gas production breaks record in Iraq at 8.44 tpd

Gas Production Iraq

Liquid gas production has broken a record of 8.44 thousand tons per day, the Iraqi Oil Ministry has announced.

In a statement on Thursday, Assem Jihad, spokesman for the ministry, said the increase in production of liquid gas to the Basrah Gas Company, south of Iraq, is deemed an important step to strengthen the national production of liquid gas fuel i order to achieve self-sufficiency on one hand and to boost foreign exports on the other.

Jihad added that the Iraqi Oil Minister Thamir Ghadhban ordered the Gas Company of Basra to carry out the ministry’s plans of the optimal investment of gas associated with the conversion of burned energy to productive and useful energy in order to enhance the financial and economic capabilities of the country.

Iraq burns daily thousands of tons of gas associated with oil extraction operations in light of government efforts to invest this economic resource in cooperation with foreign companies.

Last Modified: Thursday، 03 January 2019 02:34 PM