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'Bad smell' hits Iranian capital, source not confirmed

Residents of the Iranian capital Tehran on Wednesday complained of a strong "bad smell" spreading in the city, amid lingering uncertainty.

Local media reported that the smell increased air pollution indicators in Tehran by 40 units.

Citizens from several areas such as Fatmi Square, Zafar Abd Abad Street, Customs District, Palestine Street and the Argentine square reported a foul odor.

Iranian activists said the smell spread in central and western Tehran and caused panic, and some believe it was caused by a volcano eruption.

Some outlets said the reason for the smell was the explosion of a sewage pipe in the center of the capital, but authorities did not confirm this information.

Other local news platforms said that the source of the smell was the Damawand volcano, east of Tehran.

A spokeswoman for the Tehran municipality, also refuted reports that the reason for the smell was due to the explosion of sewage pipes in Al-Thawra Square.

The Tehran municipality has launched patrols of environmental experts on the streets of the city to see the source of the smell.