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Gorran sets conditions to participate in Kurdistan gov't

Gorran Movement MP Ali Salih said on Wednesday that his movement would take part in the Kurdistan Regional Government only if the parliament received reports about the rate of oil exports and imports.

"Kurdistan will face hard circumstances, and it would be subject to a new economic crisis unless a national decision is taken, away from personal and partisan interests, and unless the administrative corruption and thefts are reduced," Salih stated.

The role of the previous parliament was very weak, and all the supervisory committees did not know about the revenue from the sale of oil and other products, Salih said, adding that all information is limited.

"Working to end savings, improve the economic situation and launch a real service project for citizens are the most important conditions for us [Gorran Movement] to participate in the government and support it," Salih added.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) parliamentary bloc called on political parties to quickly decide on the formation of the new government and not to mix this issue with other issues that can hinder its formation.

"After 57 days of the oath of office in the parliament, the steps of forming the new government are still obstructed and do not meet the aspirations of the people," said the head of the bloc, Hemin Hawrami, at a news conference with members of the bloc.


Our press conference at the Parliament on KDP’s polices in accelerating talks with PUK/Goran & the components for government formation. It is urgently needed to embark on new cabinet, implement overall reform package, solving pending issues w/ Baghdad

Last Modified: Wednesday، 02 January 2019 09:21 PM