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Abdul Mahdi's protection force storms Abadi's house

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A force from the protection of Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi, led by Major General Azad, a close associate to Iran, stormed former Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi's house in the Green Zone while he was abroad, a source who asked not to be named said.

The force refused to allow any of Abadi's workers to enter the home amid disputes between Abdul Mahdi and Abadi over the house the latter is inhabiting and whether it should be used to manage Abadi's Nasr Alliance and receive political leaders.

The source denied that Abadi and his wife were held inside the house as reported by the media, noting that Abadi received telephone calls from political leaders who expressed their rejection of the incident.

The Nasr Alliance condemned the incident. The alliance said in a statement that Azad, Abdul Mahdi's protection official, acted cowardly, blaming Abdul Mahdi for allowing such action.

The conflict can be part of the differences that emerged between the two after Abdul Mahdi succeeded Abadi two months ago. Abdul Mahdi canceled several decisions taken by the former government, exacerbating the disputes between the two.

Abdul Mahdi decided earlier to suspend the decisions and directives issued by the former Cabinet in the period from July to October, 2018 which sparked a political and popular debate, as the suspended decisions mostly concerned the southern provinces and the problems they suffer.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 02 January 2019 12:58 AM