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Were Hayali's brother's ties to ISIS a pretext?


Usually, the Shiite political blocs agree on the Sunni ministers who are known to be subordinate and weak in order to be able to pass political plans through them. Independent Sunni figures therefore are always rejected.

It is easy for the political blocs and parliament members to dismiss Sunni ministers who show independence, under the pretext of belonging to ISIS or on charges of terrorism and belonging to the banned Baath Party.

The resigned Education Minister Shaimaa al-Hayali was not personally accused of joining or advocating for ISIS, but it was enough to talk about her brother for her to resign.

Hayali resigned on Saturday after information about her elder brother’s ties with ISIS circulated.

Hayali was not nominated on the basis of being independent or qualified for the post. She was only granted the post after Arab Project head Khamis al-Khanjar pushed her to candidacy.

Khanjar belongs to the Binna'a Coalition led by Hadi al-Amiri, known for his close ties to Tehran and his representation of IMIS and the hard-line Shiite parties.

The ruling Shiite parties are satisfied with a Sunni minister who is loyal to them and who they can achieve their interests through, as is the case of Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi, who was able to get the post after he was nominated by the Fatah Alliance, led by Amiri.

Illegitimacy charges

Saairun Alliance's Bader al-Zayadi earlier said that Hayali did not legally gain the confidence of the parliament. He explained that it was found after reviewing a video of the session that the number of voters was less than the quorum.

He added that Parliament Speaker Halbousi solely decided to grant Hayali the confidence.

MP Mahmoud Tallal said that the Halbousi must apologize to the people and the MPs for his illegitimate act.

Abdul Mahdi's response to the minister's resignation has yet to be recognized, but sources say he will announce accepting her temporarily, pending an investigation into the charges.

Hayali was appointed minister of education in the government of Abdul Mahdi last week. She resigned after Iraqi social media pages circulated videos and photos that users claimed confirmed her brother, Laith al-Hayali, became a member of the terror organization after the fall of Mosul.

In a statement, Hayali said ISIS “had forced everyone to work for them, uttering threats against those who refused once they seized Mosul in 2014."


She argued her brother was among those pressured to hold his official post under the self-proclaimed caliphate’s rule.

Zayadi said in a press statement that the parliament will review the biographies of ministers who have gained confidence following the latest incident.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 01 January 2019 11:10 PM