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Iraqi authorities forbid holding Saddam picture, turn blind eye to Mullahs's banners at streets

Students holding up a picture of the country’s former leader Saddam Hussein at Anbar University
The decision of an Iraqi university to expel three of its students for holding up a picture of the country’s former leader Saddam Hussein triggered outrage among different spectrums of Iraqis, who denounced the double-standard stance in dealing with Iranian Mullahs' banners in streets.

The footage of students of Anbar University cheering on an individual to finish speed-painting a headshot of Hussein onto a canvas on Dec. 25, went viral on social media, which led the authorities to take a punitive procedure, by expelling the students taking part in this gathering.

“A painting of Saddam led to the expulsion of three of our sons from university, no matter how this decision will affect their future. What about the pictures of Iran’s Khomeini and Khamenei hanged at Iraq’s streets?” an Iraqi politician wandered on Tuesday.

The university has “taken the legal proceedings to expel three of the students… permanently and punishing others by dismissing them for one academic year,” Anbar University President Khalid al-Najim told Iraqi media outlets, however, he admitted that investigation with the students is still ongoing.

“The delinquents will be referred to the competent authorities to receive their fair punishment,” Najim added.

The Ba’ath party is constitutionally banned from any political activity in Iraq and any promotion thereof of its leader is prohibited by law.

The gathering is reported to have taken place hours after Hussein’s daughter Raghad published an audio recording on the internet, commemorating her father’s execution as the anniversary nears.

Led by Hussein, the Ba’ath party ruled the Iraqi state for over three decades before being overthrown in 2003 by an international coalition led by the United States. Three years later, he was sentenced to death. On Dec. 30 of that year, he was hanged.

Raghad is among Iraq’s most-wanted people for alleged activity as part of the Ba’ath party and support for ISIS.

Anbar is a Sunni-majority province and one of the earliest to fall to the onslaught of ISIS.