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Lebanon is just a bargain card for Iran - Lebanese politician

Iranian hegemony and the fragility of the Lebanese state

Iran is using Lebanon as a “bargain card” to immunize its stance in light of the sanctions imposed by the US, said Lebanese former Justice Minister Ashraf Reefi.

Reefi, anti-Future Movement Sunni leader, expressed his disappointment of the Lebanese people, not only for the frequent failure in forming the new government, but for being letting Hezbollah hand over the country to Iran, regardless Lebanon's interest.

“Many voices are urging Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, the Future Movement leader, to announce the reason behind hindering the government formation,” Reefi said during an interview with DPA, adding “In my opinion, everything is clear. Hezbollah puts the formation decision in Iran's hands.”

“Iran is manipulating the west and Arab countries by the Lebanese card, in an attempt to lift the sanctions," he added.

Reefi indicated mutual interests between Hezbollah and the Free National Movement, as the movement’s current chief Jubran Basil, took advantage of hindering the government formation to become a minister. In the meantime, Hezbollah took advantage of the Basil to get the support of Christians.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 01 January 2019 04:19 PM