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Iran holds talks with Taliban in the wake of US- imposed sanctions


Representatives of the Afghan Taliban have been into negotiations with Iranian officials in Tehran, Iran’s Foreign Ministry said.

The talks targeted setting the outline of coming negotiations between Taliban and the Afghan government, Bahram Ghasemi, the ministry spokesperson said.

In a televised press conference aired by the official broadcast on Monday, Ghasemi said “a delegation from Taliban was in Tehran on Sunday. They conducted talks with the Iranian foreign ministry.”

“50 percent of the Afghan territories are controlled by Taliban. This country has been suffering lack of security and stability,” he said. “This issue has been included during the talks with the government of President Ashraf Ghani. The talks between Iran and Taliban target assistance in the dialogue between Afghan factions and the government to achieve progress in the peace process.”

However, Taliban did not comment on meeting between a delegation with Iranian officials.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 01 January 2019 03:20 PM