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Delay in government formation affect services provision: MP

mahdi (2)
Binna'a Coalition MP Ali al-Shukri said that the delay in completing the government will negatively affect its work to provide services for citizens, adding that the acting ministers have limited powers.

After Barham Salih was elected as Iraqi President on October, 2,  2018, he tasked Shia politician Adil Abdul Mahdi with forming the new Iraqi government.

However, Abdul Mahdi failed several times in passing his candidates to fill the portfolios of the ministries of interior and defense, amid a fateful dispute between the blocs of both Reform and Reconstruction Alliance, and Binna'a Coalition.

The Binna'a Coalition insists on nominating controversial Faleh al-Fayadh for the Interior Ministry post, while Saairun, as part of the Reform Alliance rejects handing security ministries to political figures and demands the nomination of independent military security personalities, who participated in the battles to liberate the Iraqi territories from ISIS.

Last Modified: Monday، 31 December 2018 01:26 AM