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Binna'a is not powerful enough to pass Fayadh: Reform MP

Faleh al-Fayadh
Al-Binna'a Coalition does not have the power to pass Faleh al-Fayadh, their candidate for the Interior Ministry in parliament's voting session, MP of Reform Alliance Hassan al-Masoudi said Friday.

Masoudi said in a press statement if Binna'a Coalition represents the largest bloc in parliament as they claim, they would have been able to pass Fayadh. He added that every time Reform Alliance withdraws from the voting session on Fayadh, the quorum becomes broken.

"Binna'a's candidate for the Interior Ministry will not pass, unless they proposed a different name rather than Fayadh," Masoudi asserted.

Parliament was due to vote on the last five vacant ministerial posts last Monday, however, MPs only managed to approve Shaimaa al-Khalil as a minister of education, and Nofal Mousa as the minister of immigration and displaced before chaos broke out during parliament session.
Last Modified: Friday، 28 December 2018 10:14 PM