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US tires hard to unroot Iran from Iraq: economist

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United States has begun to economically encircle Iran in Iraq, economist Basem Jameel said on Friday, affirming that Iran may find it hard in the future to penetrate the Iraqi market.

Jameel said that Iraq has become a US-Iranian economic conflict hub. He added that Iran's penetration of the Iraqi market has been facilitated over the past years, but now and later, Iran may encounter difficulties due to the embargo imposed on it.

Washington supports the entry of US private sector companies to Iraq, especially in the coming reconstruction period, and it also supports productive companies, which will be one of the mechanisms to impose a blockade on Tehran in the Iraqi market, Jameel continued.

The US embassy in Baghdad said earlier that the American Chamber of Commerce brought 50 US companies to the Iraqi market for partnerships and for promoting sophisticated goods, with the aim of establishing a mutual partnership with Iraq
Last Modified: Friday، 28 December 2018 10:02 PM