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Satellite images show damage from Israeli airstrike in Syria

Israeli Company Posts Photos of Iranian Facilities in Syria Hit by Israel
Israeli company ImageSat International has published satellite images showing the extent of damage from the Israeli airstrike on Iranian targets in Syria on Wednesday, according to Sputnik.

The company said the images indicate that a 900-square meter storage facility near Damascus was completely destroyed.

The publication of the photos came after the Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli Air Force destroyed an arms depot with Iranian weapons, including Fajr-5 missiles, in the airstrike.

According Syrian sources, Israeli aircraft had entered Lebanese airspace at a low altitude and then carried out a missile attack on military facilities near Damascus. At least three Syrian soldiers were injured during the attack, several news outlets reported on Wednesday.

The Syrian state agency SANA confirmed that the air attack was carried out by the Israeli Air Force. According to SANA, some of the missiles were intercepted, but several Syrian soldiers were injured.

SANA, citing a source in the Syrian Army, reports that air defense responded to the missile strikes which were carried out from Lebanese territory. According to SANA, most of the missiles were destroyed.

Al-Arabia TV channel also reported that the attack was carried out by Israel. According to the TV channel, the Israeli air Force managed to destroy at least three warehouses with "Iranian weapons".

SANA, in turn, claims that the missiles destroyed only one warehouse and that three soldiers of the Syrian army were injured.

Al-Arabia reported that the missile attack was conducted from Lebanese airspace and that the wreckage of Syrian air defense missiles fell in the Beqaa Valley in eastern Lebanon.

Earlier, on December 25, the Lebanese national News agency reported, with a reference to an army spokesman, that Israeli warplanes were flying over the territory of southern Lebanon, in the area of the city of Tyre. The agency stated that the Israeli warplanes were flying at extremely low altitude and were launching aerostats. The purpose of the aerostats was not specified.