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Joint Operations denies establishment of US base near Syria


The spokesman for the Joint Operations Command Brigadier General Yahya Rasoul denied on Thursday reports on the establishment of new military bases in Anbar, including one on the Syrian border.

"The recent statement of [the US-led] Coalition [against ISIS] confirmed that no new bases were established and that the military forces at the base of Ayn al-Asad are working within the framework approved by the Iraqi government and parliament," Rasoul was quoted as saying.

Concerning the possibility that US forces stationed in Syria may move to Iraq with the start of the withdrawal process, Rasoul explained that "there has been no coordination between the US and Iraqi sides so far, and that he will announce any new steps or agreement in this regard."

Rasould denied the existence of any US troops on the Iraqi-Syrian border, and explained that the forces stationed on the Syrian-Iraqi border consist of border guards,  the army and IMIS along 650 kilometers, which he said works to secure the border.


Last Modified: Friday، 28 December 2018 01:09 AM