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ISIS threatens to kill Trump, Putin, Netanyahu on Christmas


Since past week, there has been an increase in ISIS and ISIS supporters’ propaganda material threatening to attack Western countries and their leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a report by the Merit Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Centre said.

“The threats were issued via Telegram and ISIS-affiliated websites,” the report said. “In an Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) assessment, the campaign was organized for the pre-Christmas and Christmas season.”

The report further pointed out to “ongoing intensive pressure that is being exerted on ISIS in eastern Syria after Trump’s announcement that he would withdraw the US troops from Syria, raising the morale of ISIS and its supporter.”

An ISIS video calling upon jihadists to launch more terrorist attacks in retaliation for the losses the terrorist organization endured was published recently with pictures of attacks by the Arab anti-terrorism coalition against terrorists and militias in eastern Syria. The voice of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi appeared in the video as he called for vengeance.

“The notices and video threaten the West and encourage ISIS-inspired attacks. They call for attacks on Trump, Putin, Macron, Netanyahu and the Pope. One the announcements threatens a drone attack against Manhattan,” according to the report. “The video was posted to ISIS’s website. It has pictures of Christmas festivities along with calls for attacks

The announcements and subtitles of the video are in English, the video is in Spanish, with English and Arabic subtitles, and some parts are in French.

“The attackers are called to dress appropriately, then infiltrate themselves among the revelers and detonate their bombs,” according to the report. “The video explicitly calls for stabbing and vehicular attacks, ‘Kill them with a car or a knife.’

“The campaign is liable to increase the motivation of ISIS supporters around the globe, especially in the West, to carry out terrorist attacks,” the report added.

“Their motivation may be translated into attacks carried out during the Christmas season, especially vehicular, stabbing and shooting attacks. It should be taken into account that ISIS supporters will set their sites on crowded locations during the Christmas holidays.”


Last Modified: Thursday، 27 December 2018 04:32 PM