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Dispute on interior, defense minister posts complex: Nasr MP

mahdi (2)

Nasr Alliance MP Hussein Ali referred to the dispute on the interior minister post between the blocs of Binna'a Coalition and Reform Alliance, condemning what he called a "conflict of wills."

Ali denounced such an approach in the management of the political process, saying that the current dispute is overlapping and complex, while the national interest requires the resolution and settlement of this dispute.

He added that Binna'a and Reform are not the cause of such complexity, as there are other parties struggling for the interior and defense minister positions in the current government of Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi.

Ali pointed out that the new government was supposedly formed based on the principle of choosing independent, national and competent figures, as well as involving both blocs of Binna'a and Reform equally in the government in participation with Kurds and Christians.

"This principle has not been implemented from the beginning," Ali said, explaining that the quotas are unequal between the two blocs, with Binna'a holding more ministerial portfolios.


Last Modified: Thursday، 27 December 2018 12:29 AM