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Fayadh link between Iran, Iraqi Baathists in Syria: Juhaishi

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Strategic expert Muayyad al-Juhaishi considered the insistence on Faleh al-Fayadh as a candidate for the interior minister post in Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi's government as part of Tehran's plans in the region, which operates on a special agenda according to its political, security and military interests.

Juhaishi said that Iran is executing these plans without looking at the chaos it could create in other countries.

Tehran believes that the presence of US forces in Iraq threatens the success of the Iranian plans, so it seeks to confront the United States in Iraq, depending on the Baathists who fled the country after the fall of the regime of President Saddam Hussein, Juhaishi said.

The Iranian regime fears the presence of a US military in the neighboring Iraqi territory, Juhaishi said.

He pointed out that the attempts of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to attract these Baathists began from the first moment they entered Syrian territory.

"Iran has not been able to attract them to its terrorist project through Bashar al-Assad's regime, so it authorized Faleh al-Fayadh since the end of 2003," Juhaishi said, adding that Fayadh became the "link" between Iran and the Iraqi Baathists in Syria.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 26 December 2018 11:53 PM