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Salih calls for unifying religious discourse to face terrorism

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President Barham Salih on Wednesday stressed the importance of unifying the religious discourse of all sects in order to be able to confront extremist ideology.

During his meeting with a delegation of the Fiqh Council of Senior Scholars at al-Salam Palace in Baghdad, Salih affirmed the need to hold a conference to allow dialogue between religions and sects with the aim of promoting unity between the Iraqi components in order to be able to counter extremist ideology, a statement from Salih's office read.

Salih said that the clerics and scholars have the task to call for right religious guidance to preserve the unity, bonds and cohesion of the Iraqi society and to protect it from misleading ideas and fatwas. He pointed out that the victory over terrorism represented by ISIS was only achieved by the unity of Iraqis and their mutual sacrifices.

The meeting also discussed the return of the displaced to their original homes and providing the appropriate atmosphere for them and to design plans for the reconstruction of the cities liberated from ISIS.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 26 December 2018 09:42 PM