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Iraqi gov't to take three measures to contain situation in Basra

A reliable source in Basra has affirmed the Iraqi government will take three measures to contain the situation in the governorate as a number of government delegations will be formed to communicate with the protesters.

The source further told The Baghdad Post in an interview that the government of Prime Minister Adil Abdel Mahdi is set to carry out a number of service projects and follow-up on the situation in the governorate.

The second measure, according to the source, would be reducing security procedures in Iraqi governorates to avoid provoking angry demonstrators.

Lastly, the thirst measure would be completing the political process and resting residents of Basra assure that their demands will be fulfilled by the two-month old government.

Citizens of Basra have continued their demonstrations against the corruption of the governmental authority in the governorate. Protesters cut Jubailah Street in mid-Basra, set tires on fire in a new escalation against the government.

Angry protesters in Basra broke in the local governorate building while the anti-riot police tried to disperse them via firing tear gas bombs, which led to several injuries among protesters and journalists covering the protests.

Eyewitnesses have told The Baghdad Post that protesters had burned car tires in the streets leading to the building as they demanded the dismissal of the Basra governor and the provincial council.

Basra has witnessed violent protests in recent weeks over the new government's stance toward this strategic city and the demands of its people.

Voices have been calling for new protests and sit-ins in Basra in light of what activists describe as neglect of the province by the Iraqi central and local governments.