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Abdul Mahdi urges PUK, KDP to settle on justice min. candidate


Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi called on the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) to negotiate and end disputes over the Justice Ministry portfolio, informed sources said Tuesday.

Abdul Mahdi is waiting for the two main Kurdish forces to settle on a candidate in order for the prime minister to introduce him or her for a vote in one of the parliament's sessions to complete the government, the sources said.

The KDP and the PUK each want to introduce their own candidates for the Justice Ministry, considering the ministerial post as an electoral entitlement, the sources said, expecting that the Kurdish dispute may be resolved after the New Year holiday.

The parliament voted in last Monday's session on Shaimaa Khalil as the minister of education and Nofal Bahaa as minister of migration and displaced, while it rejected to grant confidence to Faisal al-Jarba, who was nominated for the Ministry of the Defense. It also postponed the vote on the controversial candidate of the Interior Ministry, Faleh al-Fayadh.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 26 December 2018 12:56 AM