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Abdul Mahdi refuses to withdraw Fayadh: Fatah MP


Fatah Alliance MP Abdul Amir al-Mayahi said that Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi is the one who has stuck to the nomination of Faleh al-Fayadh for the post of interior minister.

He added that Abdul Mahdi refused to withdraw Fayadh unless the parliament votes against the latter.

The Binna'a Coalition, to which Fatah Alliance belongs, will not allow the name of Fayadh to be voted on unless he obtains political consensus, in order to avoid getting rejected by a certain political party, as happened to the candidate for the defense minister post, Faisal al-Jarba, during Monday's session, Mayahi said.

Parliament on Monday rejected to give confidence to Jarba, the controversial former candidate for the Defense Ministry.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 25 December 2018 10:56 PM