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Abdul Mahdi denies US requested sending Iraqi troops to Syria


Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi denied that his country received a request from the US to send troops to Syria to replace US forces after their withdrawal, considering, however, that "all possibilities are in place."

Asked about reports of Iraqi troops entering Syria, Abdul Mahdi replied at a weekly press conference on Monday saying that Iraq has not received any request in this regard.

He said that Iraq is an independent state that takes decisions after consultation with neighboring and friendly countries, adding that the United States cannot decide whether Iraq should intervene or not in Syria.

US Secretary of State "[Mike] Pompeo has informed about the withdrawal from Syria, and confirmed Washington's commitment to support Iraq," the prime minister said, noting that Baghdad enjoys good relations with neighboring countries and with most of the forces in Syria.

He added that Iraq has taken precautions to face any repercussions as a result of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

Iraqi sources said earlier that Pompeo asked both Abdul Mahdi and Iraqi President Barham Salih to assign a new task to the Iraqi army or a special force to penetrate 70 kilometers of the Syrian territory to replace the US army after it withdrew from the war-torn country.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 25 December 2018 01:28 AM