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Numbers reveal suffering in Iraq under Shiites

Numbers reveal displacement and poverty

It has been 15 years of Baghdad suffering under the influence of corrupt Shiite sectarian rule. Years have passed without any progress, as if time is only moving backwards for Iraqis. Year after year equals decline after decline.

Official figures reveal the outcome of Shiite rule in Iraq and a failure in managing the capabilities of Iraq, besides allowing unprecedented activity of gangs and militias.

According to official figures, unemployment reached 31 percent by the end of 2017 and is increasing. However, women are not included in the unemployment statistics, so the actual numbers are believed to be much higher.

Those below the poverty line represent 35 percent of the population, according to statistics, while the number of orphans reached 5.6 million until the end of 2017, and the number of widows between 14-52 years totaled around 2 million widows.

Displacement, migration, poverty

The number of those who left Iraq amounted to 3.4 million. Those millions left for 64 countries. In addition, the figures reveal 4.1 million displaced people in Iraq, 1.7 million of whom live in camps lacking basic services.

The number of illiterate amounted to 6 million people.

Meanwhile, 430,000 people were killed and 620,000 others were wounded, with 30 percent of them being disabled. There are also 58,000 people reported missing between 2003 and 2017. According to figures, there are 271,000 detainees, 187,000 of whom have not been yet been referred to judgment.

Epidemics and diseases

Available figures also indicate the spread of 39 epidemic diseases, cancer and birth defects that were previously unfamiliar in Iraq, especially in Basra and the southern region in general.

One year after the liberation of Iraqi land from the control of ISIS, real victory represented by normal, secure and stable conditions for those who have suffered has not been recognized, observers said.

They also pointed out that the invasion, occupation, capture, rape, killing and displacement of people occurred due to the despicable and corrupt policies of the ruling elite in Iraq since 2003/2004, especially in Mosul, Nineveh and the provinces of western Iraq.

Those policies paved the way for ISIS to invade Iraq, while all factions of armed forces in Mosul and Nineveh withdrew on the order of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and then-Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 25 December 2018 02:25 AM