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Predictions of Iraqi uprising amid bad economic situation

basra protests

The Justice and Development Organization of the Middle East and North Africa expected on Monday the outbreak of a mass popular uprising in various Iraqi provinces against price hikes, the deteriorating economic situation of the middle class, rising poverty and the high unemployment rate among Iraqi youth.

The popular uprisings that have started to erupt in the Middle East are legitimate demonstrations against high prices, corruption, and the deteriorating conditions of people of the middle class, Zeidan al-Qenaei, spokesman of the organization, said in a statement on Monday.

He added that these uprisings will move to all the Middle East countries, including Iraq, in light of the deteriorating economic situation and the failure of Arab governments in economic and political reform.

The organization expected the outbreak of popular uprisings in several countries soon in the Middle East, including in Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Lebanon, Algeria and Morocco, in light of an expected global economic crisis, which will lead to an increase in prices of fuel, food and commodities in different countries of the world.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 25 December 2018 12:22 AM