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Budget of health, education sectors reduced in 2019: MP


Member of the Parliament's Finance Committee Ahmed Rashid revealed details of Iraq's 2019 budget, pointing out that the percentage of education and health sectors in the budget of 2019 was reduced.

The budget is non-developmental, Rashid said, adding that financial allocations for education and health had significantly declined in the new year's budget, while the financial allocations had significantly increased.

He also denounced the share of the Kurdistan region of the budget, saying that the region deserves 14% of the total budget instead of 12%. The share of the liberated governorates and Basra is very small, compared to what was allocated to the military system, national security and intelligence, he added.

Rashid said that observers may easily think that Iraq is still at war after they reviewed the allocations of the budget, as it allocates about 9 trillion dinars to the Ministry of Defense, 2.5 trillion dinars to IMIS, and 700 billion dinars to the Counter Terrorism Service. This means that what is allocated to the military system is about 14 trillion dinar, he concluded.


Last Modified: Sunday، 23 December 2018 11:02 PM